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Bobble Headed Geisha Doll v2.0 by GeekyLogic Bobble Headed Geisha Doll v2.0 :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 Not so WereRabbit by GeekyLogic Not so WereRabbit :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 3 0 Gnomes by GeekyLogic Gnomes :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 2 ID by GeekyLogic ID :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 3 Jewelry set by GeekyLogic Jewelry set :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 2 Dev ID age 20 by GeekyLogic Dev ID age 20 :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 4 Bobble Head Geisha by GeekyLogic Bobble Head Geisha :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 5 11 Black Spider's Haven -Clock by GeekyLogic Black Spider's Haven -Clock :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 7 Blind by GeekyLogic Blind :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 Deep Vermillion's Character by GeekyLogic Deep Vermillion's Character :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0
Wintery Day at the BPRD
Liz slipped into Hellboy's room, the door, as always, being a burden for her.
"They should get that oiled or something…"
"Huh?" Hellboy spun around, almost knocking Liz over, catching her by her dark blue sweater's sleeve.
"I said—"  She laughed. "that they should oil that door."  She adjusted his jacket, smoothing down the collar.
"I'll put in a requisition."
"It's not that big of a deal…" She said, scuffing the ground with her black combat boots.  Hellboy noticed how cute it made her seem, with her long charcoal skirt fluttering just that tiny bit.
"Well, they won't do anything unless I ask 'em.  It's just never really a problem for me, you know…" he said, looking away from her.
"Of course it isn't!"  She grabbed a remote and changed one of the TV's to the Weather channel.  "Damn it!" she cried out.
"I just want winter to be over!  Look at this," she gestured towards the television, "Twenty degrees… twenty
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Icheb by GeekyLogic Icheb :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 2 3 DeviantID by GeekyLogic DeviantID :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 Chocobo by GeekyLogic Chocobo :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 1 4 Tonberry by GeekyLogic Tonberry :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 1 2 You make my heart smile-frame by GeekyLogic You make my heart smile-frame :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 deviant ID Pho Fangor by GeekyLogic deviant ID Pho Fangor :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 3 Easter Egg by GeekyLogic Easter Egg :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 Middy Puppy by GeekyLogic Middy Puppy :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0
Sometimes I think that the world is against me.  I find the end far from sight, hope and motive gone.  But when that happens I turn to the one person I've always known to have both, Tyler.  Through thick and thin he's been there for me, without question or seek of gain.  He has always been for me, until now, when I need him the most, and he is the reason I cry.  He's lying in the hospital bed fighting for his life, and I don't know what to do.  Only a miracle could save my lifesaver.  Perhaps I should think of better times, but as I try, I can't find any in recent times.  It seems as if our lives have been nothing but a torrent storm for the past five years.  First my father died, and then just as things were looking up, Danny, my brother, got cancer; he struggled with it for a year and a half, but in the end he lost.  I took it really hard, but Tyler took it harder.  We suppor
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                I am at a loss.
My desire is gone,
But my choices seem boundless,
Bound only by my desire,
Which is lost.
I've lost it, and it seems far far away,
Far from my grasp,
Far from my mind's eye.
What I am trying to choose,
I cannot tell.
It is hidden from my sight,
Hidden from my common sense.
Common sense would say I am seeking a boy,
A man even.
But my conscious mind wants nothing to do with it.
He would be a distraction, a detraction.
I seek a companion, anyone willing to hear my side.
I don't think that's too much to ask.
I don't think.
I can't think anymore.
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'Rainstick' by GeekyLogic 'Rainstick' :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 1 1 Star shot by GeekyLogic Star shot :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0 foot by GeekyLogic foot :icongeekylogic:GeekyLogic 0 0


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